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The primary goals for a community garden at Thanksgiving Lutheran Church are to help meet the need for fresh, local affordable produce, and build community in the city of Santa Rosa. Gardeners are encouraged to share their surplus with local food pantries or individuals who might be in need.

With a large piece of open land in a densely populated area, we are excited to share it in a way that enhances the health of and relationships between our neighbors. We seek to serve individuals and families who would benefit from a small plot in which to grow their own produce or flowers.  

A part of good health is strong relationships and the TLC Community Garden Project provides a place where neighbors of different generations and cultures can work together and enjoy getting to know one another. It is also hoped that the wholesome activity of gardening will provide a healthful activity for all who participate.  

Since our first planting in Spring of 2007, a demonstration plot approximately 20'x30', we have seen the original plan become fully developed. Our first objective was to recruit gardeners, and in the spring of 2008 we had 7 plots spoken for (not including the demonstration plot) with 6 sets of gardeners. At that time, the gardeners and some members of the host congregation (Thanksgiving Lutheran Church) worked together to lay pipe and install valves to bring water to the south section of the garden.

We are fortunate that one of our gardeners has an interest in and talent for writing grants - in October of 2008 we received a CAB grant from the City of Santa Rosa, which made it possible to achieve another major goal. The purchase and installation/construction of a large barn shed in January of 2009 means we have a secure place to store tools and implements.

As spring 2009 rolled around, interest in the TLC Community Garden Project snowballed, and before we knew it, we were nearly fully occupied and it became obvious that we needed to bring water to the north section of the garden. This was accomplished in July of 2009, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of every gardener available to help. By the time the project began, we were fully occupied, and everyone was working cooperatively to share the four water valves that were available at that time. Needless to say, we are VERY happy that we now have a valve for every two plots!

The TLC Community Garden Project is indeed at full capacity - 31 plots and 16 sets of gardeners. We are excited to see the abundance of growth - both in biomass and community! It is a joy to see happy people working around their plots, chatting with one another and sharing information, seeds, extra plants, and trading surplus produce.

If you would like more information or have any questions, feel free to use the email function below to contact Karen, the TLC Community Garden Project Coordinator.

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