Basic Policy (as of 5/08):
There are a few non-negotiable items, for example: 
1. Love thy neighbors!
2. No illegal plants
3. No industrial/artificial fertilizers.  
We recommend:  
·   Sonoma compost – gardeners can team up for “group deliveries” and get a good 
rate on the material (ask Karen for details)
·   Bagged certified organic soil amendments 
·   Liquid organic fertilizers 
4. Use of herbicides or industrial/artificial insecticides is ONLY under the 
    supervision of the steering committee – expect to pull by hand and use 
    mulching practices to keep weeds at bay.
5. There are two annual renewal dates: May 1 and September 1.  Contact the 
    TLCCGP coordinator for current fee information (Karen can be reached at
6. Any garden construction other than support poles, gopher baskets, or
    raised beds higher than 18” must be approved by the Steering Committee.
7. There will be no wasting of water!  Currently, hand watering is the only
    option available (an irrigation system is in development)  Watering is
    expected to take place in the morning and/or evening, for minimal
It is strongly encouraged that:
1. Bean poles, sunflower plants and other tall plants be planted on an
   east/west line, rather than north/south, in order to preserve neighbor’s
   access to sunshine (see #1, above)
2. Items that attract beneficials be planted in each plot
3. Everyone has some F-U-N!
·   Gardeners are aware that restrooms are not generally available.
·   Gardeners should let the coordinator know at least 30 days prior to their next 1-year annual 
renewal date whether they would like to continue for another year.  If the coordinator does
not hear from a gardener, she will assume they are not interested in another year, and the
plot may be offered to the next gardener on the list.
·   It is the individual gardener’s responsibility to prepare, plant, maintain and clean up their 
individual plot(s).  If a plot appears to be abandoned, and the spring or fall planting season
is upon us, and there is a waiting list for plots, the plot may be offered to the next interested person on the list.