Grace to you and peace

Our Mission
Welcoming. Inclusive. Joyful.
Serving the Community.
Thanksgiving Lutheran Church

Sunday mornings at TLC are the best way we demonstrate and live out our Mission Statement. All are welcome to worship here. We are an LGBTQ affirming congregation, and we are a dog-friendly church! Our worship services are "liturgical", which means that each element of the order of service is Bible-based. That doesn't mean that we are boring or stuffy, however. Our times together in worship are always joyful occasions. Our music leaders (we have two different inspirational bands and an incredible pianist that take turns) provide lively and sing-able music. The people in the chairs (we don't have pews here) are friendly-yeah, a little shy, which means they aren't overly pushy when they welcome you. We celebrate Holy Communion, and all are welcome to come to the table here - we even have a treat for the dogs when they come!

This July, our scripture readings and the sermon focus on Paul's letter to the church at Rome and on Jesus' parables recounted in the Gospel According to Matthew, so lots about free will and the realm of the Divine.

There are a few midweek activities that you are welcome to join in on as well. Click on our Education link and on our Activities link (I finally updated them).

If you need a faith community in your life right now, give TLC a try. We are a small church with a big heart, and we'd love to get to know you.

Blessings to you-exactly as you are!

Pastor Jean

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