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Pastor Jean

On June 1, 2007, Rev. Jean Lebbert began her call as Pastor of Thanksgiving Lutheran Church. We are thankful to have her.

She was born in Oakland, California to Bill and Bets Lebbert and is the middle child of their three daughters, Judy, Jean, and Janet.

She has worked in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America for 15 years. Her first call to parish ministry was as Associate Pastor of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Lodi. She has also served in wider church expressions as retreat leader and storyteller for many womenís groups and as the Synod Communicator for the Sierra Pacific Synod. She received her Masterís of Divinity (with honors) from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley.

Prior to her journey to seminary and ordained ministry, Jean was a staff food editor and the Company Poet for Sunset Magazine in Menlo Park.

Pastor Jean brings a delightful, down-to-earth, and practical perspective to Scripture and to Lutheran theology. She has a suitcase full of puppets, dolls, and whimsical gadgets which she uses for Bible storytelling and childrenís sermons, and she has a heart filled with love for Spirit and for being a loving pastor.

Serving only 2/3rds time at TLC, Jean often spends time off in her home in Lodi, which she shares with her sister, Janet, but she is always available on her cell phone (707-327-6292). She is renting a home in Santa Rosa which she shares with her two dogs, Anastasis (Greek for resurrection) and Dane Disney.