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In 2016, TLC reformed our leadership structure from a Council and Committees to a Leadership Panel of Executive Officers and Ministers. Meet the dedicated folks who were willing to blaze the trail of a brand new structure.

Sandy Koppen: Congregational President

Sandy is a long-time member of TLC. As our President, she brings a passion for the church and gifts of leadership, organization, and attention to detail. She is the one we go to when amendments need to be made to our Constitution. She is also a gifted singer and serves as lead vocalist in our bands, and it was her initial idea that led to our becoming a dog-friendly congregation.

Jordan Eberly: Congregational Vice President and Minister of Welcome and Connections

In her six years as a member of TLC, Jordan has served in as kitchen coordinator, President, Committee Chair, party host, Assisting Minister, Reader, Usher, Mutual Ministry Member, Sound Minister, percussionist, teacher, game leader, Retreat Leader, poet, and Martin Luther - all of which make her her best resource for handling two Leadership Positions. She was elected Vice President in November 2016; in May 2017, she also assumed the position as Minister of Welcome and Connections when it became vacant.

Mary Thompson: Congregational Secretary

Mary too has served in many capacities, as Assisting Minister, Reader, Teller, Council Member, Committee Chair, and Mutual Ministry Member. She brings a gentle wisdom, compassion, humor, insight, and sound faith to everything she does.

Jan Thomas: Minister of Spiritual Formation and Expression

Jan is a gifted artist, writer, and leader, with a heart for the Other. She created our Greeters ministry, which is the first thing every Sunday morning visitor encounters when they come through our doors and is one reason they come back. Her ministry is to work with Pastor Jean to enhance people's relationship to God through worship, education, and prayer.

Karen Lehman: Minister of Campus Use and Maintenance

If Karen were a sea creature, she would most likely be an octopus because she is a multi-tasker extraordinaire. Besides overseeing every aspect of TLC's campus and serving as Flautist in our bands and as a Worship Assistant and Reader, Karen oversees our Community Garden and works with outside groups that use our facilities.

Cindy Heiller: Minister of Talents and Treasures

Easily identified as "Generous", Cindy is a perfect person to fill the position of Minister of Talents and Treasures. She is a role model for good stewardship practices and an efficient overseer of TLC's financial profile. She also spearheaded TLC's participation in the Santa Rosa Rose Parade for two years and coordinated the creation of our 2017 photo directory. As a DVM, Dr. Heiller has also led two community forums on Emergency Pet Care and is currently volunteering as the Veterinarian for Santa Rosa's Homeless With Pets organization.