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Community Garden



Worship at Thanksgiving Lutheran Church

We welcome all who seek to hear God's voice.

Worhip Service 9:30 AM, Holy Communion Celebrated every week. All are invited to partake.
Cafe TLC After Worship. An opportunity to get better acquainted and enjoy some refreshments too!
Childrens Sermon Every week - Toddlers to Teens!
Children are welcome in worship at Thanksgiving Lutheran! We are glad to see parents and children of every age worshipping together on Sunday mornings, and we understand that sometimes it's difficult for the little ones to contain their enthusiasm for the entire service. We'd like to reassure parents that at times you may feel more self-conscious and uncomfortable about this than we do, so in the event that your child gets a little more enthusiastic than you are comfortable with during worship, feel free to use the informal play area set up in the narthex (just behind sanctuary glass wall where you can still hear the service) or the nursery room just down the hall.

Our worshipping community, though small of space, is big of heart and voice. We often cut our own flowers for the altar, and offer the choicest local wines and grape juice for the Sacrament.